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Everything You Need To Know About Colour Melting Hair Treatment

When it comes to synthetic hair colours, colour melting is still fashionable, particularly among brunettes who want to go blonde. But, aside from the fact that it’s essentially an enhanced version of the old ombré, what do you know about it?

If you’re curious about this hairstyle colouring procedure, we have everything you need to know right here, from what it is all about to how it differs from ombré. We’ll also outline the steps necessary to take care of your hair while it is colour melting.

What Does Colour Melting Mean?

Colour melting is a synthetic hair dyeing process that has been compared to the conventional ombré. It comprises up to three colours, and it functions by combining the base tint with the accent colours.

The process works in a way that makes the colours look like they have been melted; there is no discernible distinction between one shade and another. It can be a tough procedure to execute, especially if you aren’t familiar with it, but after that, it’s all low maintenance.

What’s The Difference Between Ombré And Colour Melt Hair?

Colour melting is a version of the ombré highlighting approach. It’s vital to grasp how it varies from ombré hair, though. The ombré style comprises two hues mixed with little or no accents at the root, whereas colour melted hair entails combining highlights with your primary colour.

Additionally, ombré is famous for its transition from dark to light ends. However, it’s typically more of a colour distinction between the palest tones than a fade. A colour melt will have a more mixed appearance, allowing for a gentler flow between colours.

How Can You Style Colour Melting Hair?

Colour melted hair, like ombré, looks stunning when styled with delicate waves. First, curl your hair with an iron to achieve the style. Do it all over your tresses after spritzing it with a temperature protector. Brush it with a comb-over of your curls to give them a broader, fuller look. Ultimately, finish with a spritz of hairspray then wait for the compliments!

How To Maintain Colour Melting Hair

Coloured hair, whether blonde, black or even red, requires a little extra care. Nothing is more annoying than seeing your beautiful colour fade after a few weeks because you didn’t take care of it.

If you rinse your hair too quickly, the outer layer may still be open and your colour could fade off. To maintain it, wait two days after colouring before washing it. Using sulphate-free hair products will also help prevent colour loss.

Colour Melting At Home

You don’t have to be a superstar or celebrity to wear the colour melting look. If you’re beginning with black roots, remember that you’ll have to lighten your mane first. If you have black hair, it might take several procedures to achieve your ideal results.

It’s a good idea to see an expert stylist if you want to make a big difference, but that’s going to be much more costly than doing it yourself. So, if you choose to do colour melting on your own, consider the following tips below:

Select Your Desired Colours

Select a range of colours from the same group according to how you wish your colour melt to appear. Ideally, you should choose two or three hues. Try permanent hair colouring products which work best on blonde, highlighted, bleached hair for a vibrant melt. You can pick from a range of lovely colours, including soft pink, blue, indigo and purple.

Lighten Your Hair Colour

Begin with a darker shade at your tips if you want the perfect colour melting process. Shift to a lighter hue as you move down your strands. When you get to the ends of your braids, use the most delicate shade. Make sure to follow the directions on the package when you’re applying your colour.


Colour melting is a way of blending highlights or dark blonde into darker roots. It makes for a smoother transition and more subtle separation lines. It functions by infusing colour in the base to create a bespoke combination.

To get the best look, make sure to choose the colour that suits you best. Start with a darker shade at the roots and work your way up to a lighter hue. In general, colour melting is easy to set up and maintain, especially if you follow the process.

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