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Traction Alopecia and Women of Colour: The Facts

Years of extensions, weaves and braids are what did it for supermodel Naomi Campbell. But while she is perhaps the most celebrated person to suffer from traction alopecia, she is by no means on her own. While it’s a condition that can occur in anyone regardless of gender or colour, it is one that women […]

Has Prince William Missed the Boat for a Hair Transplant?

The coronation of the UK’s King Charles in May provided the world with an opportunity to watch the British establishment do what the British establishment does best, namely, putting on a show full of pomp and pageantry. It also allowed the world’s media to do what it does best; that is, train its camera lenses […]

Lindsay Walter: The Courage of the Long-Distance Runner

Regular readers of this blog may remember Lindsay Walter. The thirty-two-year-old American featured in an article we posted last year that looked at how people suffering from alopecia universalis cope with daily life. Many people found Lindsay’s story inspirational. She lost her hair as a youngster and endured a torrid time at school as a […]

Is The Male Hair Transplant Taboo Being Shattered by Younger Guys?

Hair loss is a topic that’s been taboo for decades, especially among men. Millions of men around the world have to face the prospect of losing their hair at some point, but no one likes to talk about it. No one likes to talk about potential treatments for the condition, either. However, to steal Bob […]

How Quickly Will PRP Fix My Hair?

When Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy has cropped up in the media recently, it’s because some celebrity has decided to go public about their vampire facial treatment. PRP has a history that pre-dates its latest incarnation, however. It’s been used to heal sports injuries for many years, while more recently, it has become a standard treatment […]

Top Tips to Stop the Sun from Damaging Your Hair!

We all love the warm weather. But while we often focus on protecting our skin from the sun, we sometimes forget that our hair can also suffer from sun damage. Ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause your hair to become dry, brittle and prone to breakage, which can leave you with damaged, lacklustre locks. Worse still, […]

Isn’t it About Time You Spoke to a Hair Specialist?

British actor and standup comedian, Jacob Hawley, penned an interesting article about hair loss recently. In it, he recounted his fear of going bald, a fear that has haunted him all his adult life. He has spent many years, and a huge sum of money, living in the shadow of this fear. And yet, he […]

Why Does a Man Need More Than One Hair Transplant?

The British-American model and actor Calum Best made the news recently when he announced that he’d just had his sixth hair transplant. It’s natural to assume when one hears of someone needing a second or third hair transplant (never mind a sixth!) that something has gone wrong. That’s not always the case, however. Best explained […]

Can Fear of Hair Loss Take Over Your Life?

A prominent American oncologist and cancer epidemiologist wrote in an article recently ‘that fear of alopecia does lead some women to refuse chemotherapy or to choose sub-optimal chemotherapy alternatives.’ Most of us worry about hair loss at some point, but few of us would let that fear take hold of our lives to such an […]

Does the Female Hair Transplant Taboo Still Exist?

It’s no secret that hair loss affects both men and women. But when it comes to discussing hair transplant procedures, the conversation often revolves around men. The reality is that there still seems to be a taboo surrounding female hair surgery. That was the experience of Sonja van der Berg, 33, who had a hair […]