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Global Hair Transplant Market to See Strong Growth Surge

A report produced by Allied Market Research shows that the global hair transplant market generated business worth nearly $5 billion in 2021. That’s a staggering amount of money. It’s even more impressive when you understand that the market is still recovering from the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, when non-essential procedures were cancelled, and […]

How You Care for Your Beard Says a Lot About You!

Beards are back. Not that they ever really went away in the first place, of course, but they’re trending majorly these days. Look around your friends and colleagues or walk down any High Street and you’ll see beards galore. You’ll notice that there are many different styles of beard, even if you’re not familiar with their […]

Minoxidil: The Hair Restoration Secret That’s Been Hiding in Plain Sight!

Recently, an article on nytimes.com caught the eye of many people interested in the subject of hair restoration. The article was about minoxidil and its effectiveness in treating people experiencing hair loss. This came as news to many hair loss sufferers. The article triggered a lot of comments on social media, not to mention an […]

Does Race Make a Difference to How You Experience Hair Damage as You Age?

If you do some browser research on the topics of hair damage, hair restoration treatments and general haircare practices, you’ll soon realise just how much information on these subjects is available. You can drill down into these categories and find insights on specific aspects of each; you can find out about different types of hair […]

My Hair is Thinning at the Sides and I’m Not Sure Why!

Losing your hair is never a pleasant experience. That experience is made worse if the hair loss does not follow the usual patterns and if the experts struggle to explain why it’s happening. That is often the situation those losing hair from the sides of their head find themselves in. We can all grasp that […]

Are Women More Vulnerable to Post-Covid Hair Loss than Men?

Didn’t it feel great when the pandemic lockdowns were lifted and life got back to normal? You’d never have believed that simply being out and about amongst crowds could be such a pleasure! For a while, people forgot about COVID-19. Then it crept back into the news again as increasing numbers of people reported the side […]

Is Your Hair Ready for Autumn?

The first of September signals, for most people, the start of autumn. The autumnal equinox might not fall until later in the month, but the holidays are over, the schools are back and Christmas stuff has started appearing in the shops; that’s autumn right there. Are you ready for it? More importantly, is your hair […]

Grow Hair Faster the Natural Way!

Your hair grows, roughly speaking, at a rate of about half an inch per month. If you’ve just had a bad haircut or are experiencing thinning all over, you probably want it to grow a bit faster than that. Is there anything you can do to give nature a helping hand? Well, there are medications […]

Over Fifty with Thinning Hair? You Need These Dietary Supplements!

We all get older. As we age, our body becomes less efficient at accomplishing routine tasks that didn’t present a problem when we were younger. That doesn’t just apply to physical activities such as running upstairs or unscrewing the lid of the coffee jar. It’s also true of the internal functions the body carries out. […]

Living with Alopecia: Treatments That Can Make Things Better!

Not so long ago, public awareness of alopecia wasn’t that high. Little was known about the condition, and few people with a public profile were prepared to speak out when they had it. All that, thankfully, has changed. People like Jada Pinkett Smith, Viola Davis and Matt Lucas have spoken publicly about their experiences of […]