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Six Foods That Will Help Prevent Hair Loss

You’re probably familiar with the saying ‘you are what you eat.’ It’s been around for nearly two hundred years and has been used as the title for an untold number of cookbooks and television shows with a culinary theme. The fact that it has remained current for such a long time is due, in no […]

Amy Schumer Talks About Her Hair Loss Disorder

The recent media coverage of Hollywood star Jada Pinkett Smith’s struggles with alopecia areata has once again brought hair loss to the attention of the world. Now, other actors and celebrities are coming out and talking about their hair health issues. Amy Schumer did just that. She hid her hair loss issue from the rest […]

Olumiant: The Arthritis Drug Helping Alopecia Sufferers Regrow Hair

Alopecia is known to be one of the main causes of hair loss in men and women of all ages. The condition, which touches different parts of the body depending on its type and severity, has been in the media spotlight recently as some high-profile individuals have discussed the impact the condition has had on […]

How Is the Optavia Diet Related to Hair Loss and What Can You Do About It?

Our weight and our hair are two of the most obvious factors affecting our appearance. But these two things are more linked to each other than you think or imagine. Today’s article may make you rethink that diet you’re following. Naturally enough, we consider our hair as an external part of our body, but we […]