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Is It Normal to Lose Hair During Menopause?

While losing hair is equally stressful for men and women, the causes of hair loss differ for each gender. Genetic code, unregulated diets, exposure to chemicals (through hair pollution or haircare products) make up some of the reasons. Additionally, there are some gender-specific factors such as menopause in women and changes in testosterone levels in […]

Five Things You Should Not Do (and Five You Should) When Dealing with Hair Loss

Our luscious locks are so closely bonded with our sense of self-identity that we can’t accept not having them. Even the thought causes us deep pain. That’s why paying attention to your hair health is important. And this begins with self-awareness about its causes. Inherited genes, bad styling, poor nourishment and a chaotic lifestyle are […]

Six Tips for Healthier Hair for Men

Maintaining a regular haircare routine is the foundation for healthy and luscious hair and an important factor in the prevention of hair loss. Both women and men struggle with hair loss, but women spend more time looking after their hair by colouring it, using heating tools or going for hair restoration treatments. Men, too, need […]

Top Eight Benefits of Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP)

The growing frequency of hair loss cases has led to the development of methods that tackle it in a much more practical way. Micro scalp pigmentation (MSP) is one of the treatments that take little time and come with minimal risks. You might have heard of a similar method called microblading which is used to […]

Distinguishing Between Real Hair Loss Remedies and Marketing Hype

Hair loss doesn’t happen by choice but treating it does. The challenge we face while treating hair loss is in finding products that give true results. Distinguishing between marketing hype and treatments that indeed lead to hair regrowth requires a bit of investigation into what is promised and what is possible. Products such as scalp […]

Four Benefits of Hair Transplants

Back in the day, we were unable to tackle hair loss in the same way we do today. Baldness was the only way. Until the first hair transplants were done in the 1950s, there was no other outcome. Since then, we have seen a development in methods and technologies used to make the process more […]

Testosterone Levels and Hair Loss

Is there a connection between your sex drive and hair loss? Or to be more precise: is there a relationship between testosterone levels and hair loss? The most prominent reason why men lose hair is called male pattern baldness (MPB) which is medically known as androgenic alopecia. Unlike other hair loss causes, the chances of […]

Rejuvenate Your Skin and Boost Hair Growth with PRP Treatments

Our delicate skin can be harmed by different factors, but the root of its stable regeneration rests in the stem cells and their regenerative abilities. Scientists have long been studying the capabilities of the body to repair itself, including the healing of the skin after an injury and the implications that has for the hair […]

What Are the Pros and Cons of Eyebrow Transplantation?

Eyebrows don’t only play an important aesthetic role in one’s appearance but also protect our eyes by diverting droplets and sweat. Trends seem to show that bushy eyebrows are considered appealing, encouraging us to leave them to grow freely for added thickness or emphasize their darkness through makeup. Seeing this trend emerge to frame our […]

Five Tips for Healthier Haircare As Seasons Change

Like many things in life, beauty depends heavily on consistency. Rather than finding that one magical haircare method or remedy that you apply only once and which can keep your hair in a perfect style (it doesn’t exist), build a haircare routine with advice from experts and be consistent with it. For example, take skincare. […]