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The Benefits And Uses Of Quinoa Seed Extract For Hair

Hair colourants and styling tools can damage your hair, making it thin, dry and prone to breakage. There are ways to restore your hair’s natural shine and texture other than going for costly hair treatment. One of the best, most sustainable ways of fixing your hair is to provide it with proper nourishment. And that’s […]

Will Lab-grown Hair Cells Cure Baldness Once and for All?

Biotech companies are developing methods to reprogram hair cells. Genetic engineers and biologists have been studying hair loss problems for years and are now seeing their work bear fruit with the creation of cells that can recover our hair regrowth capabilities. MIT Technology Review has reported that many startup companies are researching ways of using […]

Eleven Tips from Pros for Healthier Hair

Keeping our hair in a healthy condition is not a one-time task. It’s something that requires our constant attention and time. Fitting a healthy haircare routine into our busy lifestyles is challenging. It’s best if you can find a routine that takes minimal time and delivers results. Keep in mind that hair differs from one […]

Why Applying SPF On Your Scalp Is A No-Brainer!

Skincare enthusiasts know that no morning regimen is complete without sun protection factor (SPF). Applying sunscreen is a must to avoid the risks of premature ageing and severe skin issues that arise from prolonged sun exposure. But, when it comes to using SPF on your face in the morning, should you go beyond your hairline? […]

Can Thiamine Deficiency Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss has an impact on both your looks and your self-esteem. It is a widespread problem that affects 67 per cent of males and 24 per cent of women, according to a study. The most common cause of hair loss is male or female pattern baldness. Hair loss can also indicate the presence of […]

Is COVID-19 Really Causing Hair Loss?

Being able to identify the coronavirus symptoms is the first step to protecting ourselves. When we feel like we’re experiencing the described symptoms, we distance ourselves from our loved ones to protect them in case we test positive for the virus. Those affected by the illness claim to have experienced some unexpected side effects. Besides […]

Can Drinking Rosemary Tea Boost Your Hair Growth?

It’s not uncommon for people to suffer hair loss from genetics, hormonal change, heat damage, or other causes. Each cause is treated with specialised medications. However, the internet never fails to surprise us, because another homemade treatment has become popular these days. This is rosemary tea, and we’ll talk about it today. “Does rosemary tea […]

Why Kaolin Clay Is A Powerhouse Ingredient For Oily Hair

What first comes to mind when you consider exfoliating, cleaning and regulating oil production in the scalp? Is it shampoo or something else? Perhaps a purifying conditioner? Kaolin clay may not be the first answer that you come up with, but this article may change that. Kaolin clay has been around for ages, having been […]

What Is Decyl-Glucoside, And Why Should You Consider Using It?

The use (or avoidance) of sulphates is one of the most controversial topics in haircare. Equally controversial is the continued use of sodium lauryl sulphate, a highly aggressive chemical that depletes hair of pigmentation and essential oils. While some experts disagree with the sulphate-free controversy, many people still choose shampoos that use alternative surfactants. Decyl-glucoside […]

What Healthy Food Could Be Contributing To Your Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a problem that affects most people around the world, and it is a growing figure with more and more people turning to hair clinics like ours. In the U.K. alone, it’s estimated that about 8 million women suffer from hair loss. However, it is also a growing concern for men. Although seemingly […]