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X Factor’s Wagner has hair transplant surgery at Vinci Hair Clinic

Wagner Fiuza Carrilho1
Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho, known simply to the nation as Wagner, appeared on the TV talent show The X Factor in 2010. Fans of the show will remember that he progressed to the latter stages of the competition with votes buoyed in no small degree by a large student contingent who were determined to see him win the final. Although Wagner never progressed quite as far as that, he certainly made an impression.

Love him or loathe him, Wagner is certainly memorable. One of his more noticeable attributes is, without a doubt, his hair. Long and more than a little on the grey side, it went through a number of different colour and style transitions during his time on The X Factor. One thing that did not change, however, is how thin his hair was looking throughout the series. Wagner’s long strands did little to help, unfortunately; there’s a reason why the advice of keeping your hair short when it starts thinning out has endured for so long. In many cases, it is sage advice.

Wagner took a different approach, however. Following a consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic, he chose to have a hair transplant procedure using a modern technique known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). In layman’s terms, FUE involves the transfer of healthy hair follicles from the back of the head to the areas that need them, usually the frontal hairline and crown. FUE creates less scarring than other techniques and is the preferred choice of a number of celebrities including many Hollywood A-Listers such as Billy Bob Thornton, Kevin Costner and Jude Law.
Wagner Fiuza Carrilho2
“One of the best things I have ever done in my life was having the hair transplant at the Vinci Hair Clinic in London. Exactly a year ago I came here. I had a bit of hair here, gaps everywhere and a huge hole at the back of my head.” Wagner is very pleased with his result after the hair transplant treatment.

Wagner’s initial surgery focused on reconstructing his frontal hairline, but he returned to Vinci Hair Clinic for work on his crown to restore lost hair there too.

The photograph of Wagner at the top of this post shows just how far he had receded prior to his surgery. He was a five on the Norwood Hamilton Scale, meaning he had lost most of the hair on his upper scalp. Progression from this stage to a full Norwood seven (the loss of all hair on the upper scalp) is usually rapid and inevitable. We were pleased for Wagner, therefore, that we were able to catch his baldness at the stage that we did. Hopefully, Wagner’s newfound confidence will help him be as successful as he can be. We wish him all the best.