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The Top 10 Causes Of Hair Breakage You Should Know About

When you want to look your best, you try to keep your locks soft, smooth and shiny all day. Who wants dry and damaged hair, after all? But to achieve healthy and bouncy hair, you need to have a solid haircare routine that involves applying the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Otherwise, you could end up with badly damaged strands and frizz.

However, it’s essential to note that hair breakage results from various factors, some of which may be out of your control. Aside from the wrong haircare routine, here are other typical reasons that might be causing your hair to become weak and prone to breakage.

Dryness Makes Everything Worse

Having dry hair is a common cause of breakage. It develops when the hair doesn’t get enough moisture or can’t retain the moisture it does have. This makes it look dull and weak. And when your hair remains dry, its outer layer will break down.

If you have dry hair, make sure you condition your hair regularly to keep it moisturised and healthy-looking. You’ll also want to avoid applying shampoo on the scalp, as it can strip your hair of its essential natural oils.

Temperature Extremes Do Harm

Heat-styling tools are a lifesaver for many women. They allow them to improve the appearance of their hair quickly and achieve the style they want. But the problem with relying on these tools is that you’re subjecting your hair to excessive heat, especially during summer. And if you put the heat settings up too high or use hot tools continuously, you’ll likely have damaged strands before too long.

Think Twice About What You Eat

Just as your diet keeps your skin healthy, it also plays a pivotal role in giving you strong, healthy-looking hair. A proper intake of food and nutrients is crucial in giving your hair volume and strength. However, if you suffer from certain vitamin deficiencies, your hair pays the price.

Adequate levels of zinc and iron reduce hair loss, while folic acid stimulates hair growth. Including more Vitamins A and C in your diet, along with niacin and protein, will also guarantee healthier-looking hair.

Take It Easy On Professional Hair Services

At some point, you’ll probably need to use professional services for things like hair relaxing and dyeing. That shouldn’t affect your hair too much providing you don’t do it regularly. If it becomes a routine, however, it could weaken your hair cuticles and make your strands prone to breakage.

Multiple Washes Aren’t Always A Good Idea

Though it’s essential to wash your hair regularly, there’s a limit to how often you should do it. Frequent washing and shampooing can remove your hair’s natural oils. Try weekly shampooing if your hair is dry and focus your shampoo on the scalp to minimise strand damage.

Hair Ties Can Damage The Hair Shaft

On a windy day, you might give in to the temptation of tying your hair tight with an elastic hair tie. What you may not be aware of, however, is that pulling your ponytails too tightly cuts into the hair shaft and causes hair fraying. Worst case scenario, your hair gets forcibly pulled back, leading to hair loss.

Hair Drying Done Wrong

Typically, when you’ve just finished bathing, you towel yourself dry, including your hair. The truth is, towel-drying your hair is a bad habit that can leave you with broken strands and vulnerable hair follicles. Instead, try wrapping a towel on your hair and leaving it for a few minutes to absorb the water.

100 Strokes A Day Is Nothing But A Myth

Brushing your hair brings out its natural shine but the 100-strokes-a-day advice is just plain wrong. Too much brushing can leave you with a damaged scalp. Additionally, you may notice numerous hair strands attached to your hairbrush or comb, a sure sign that you’re doing it more than needed. Get a brush with natural bristles, or use a wide-toothed comb, and apply gentle brushing strokes to remedy this problem.

Unhealthy Food Patterns

People with anorexia and bulimia nervosa may not be getting the essential nutrients to promote healthy hair growth. As a result, the hair follicles will show hair breakage in the middle, a visible sign of hair damage.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hypothyroidism damages some of your body’s normal functions, including your natural hair growth. If you’re diagnosed with this, therefore, you may notice increased hair loss after a shower or when you’re combing and styling your locks.


Your lifestyle is a key aspect in having healthy-looking and bouncy hair with the proper shine and volume. Review how you live your life, therefore, and start taking proper care of your locks to avoid the signs of hair breakage.

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